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App configuration

Threema Work allows to remotely edit app settings. You can control the app’s configuration, disable specific features, and the end user is relieved from setting up the app manually.

Configuration via MDM software

If you don’t use an MDM system for the app’s deployment, Threema MDM is a convenient way of controlling the app’s settings in the management cockpit. With Threema MDM, the same parameters that are available when using a regular MDM system can be configured. Learn more…

Configuration via MDM software

On Android and iOS, apps can be installed in a Managed Profile to separate personal and professional use. Apps that are installed this way can be remotely configured using an MDM system.

Threema Work supports the following platforms and profile types:

System requirement
Supported profile type
System requirementAndroid 5.0+
Supported profile typeAndroid Enterprise / Managed Configurations
System requirementiOS 7+
Supported profile typeManaged App Configuration

To ensure compatibility, please contact the developer of your MDM system.

Configuration parameters

1 Renewable

Yes: If you change this value, it will take up to 24 hours until the change becomes effective on the users’ end (users can pull down the contact list in the app to manually force a synchronization and get the most current values). Please note that in order for the parameters th_safe_password, th_safe_server_url, th_safe_server_username and th_safe_server_password to be renewed, the app must be restarted.

No: This value is set when users license the app. For users who have completed the setup process, a change to this value will only become effective if they reinstall the app or generate a new ID.

2 User-editable

Yes: Unless th_readonly_profile is true, the setting corresponding to this value can be changed by users in the app.

No: The setting corresponding to this value cannot be changed by users in the app if a value is set via MDM.