Can I use Threema on a BlackBerry 10 device?

Yes. However, there are a few limitations due to the characteristics of the Android emulation and the lack of Google Play Services.

  • Polling is used for notifications.
  • Location sharing is disabled. Received locations are displayed as a picture.
  • Video compression is deactivated.
  • Voice calls are not supported.
  • Threema Web is not supported.

If you purchase Threema from the Amazon App Shop and later uninstall the Store app, it is not possible to update a previously installed app. Update Threema as follows:

  1. Create a complete backup.
  2. Install the newest Threema version from the Amazon App Shop.

Plugins: Please install the QR Code plugin and the Voice Message plugin directly from the Threema app, not from the Amazon App Store or the Threema Shop. Open the side drawer, select “Plugins”, and tap the download icon next to the plugin you would like to install. The plugin will be downloaded to your device’s “downloads” directory; install it using BlackBerry’s package installer.

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